Swedish Transparent Farming


In 2014, My husband and I moved to the farm Kexlegård to start up a modern farm focusing on Swedish hops and malting barley for beer. The project Kexlegård is my life's largest and most advanced investment both privately and career wise. Casper Heijkenskjöld has been a committed partner, sounding board and friend in the development of Kexlegård. Naturally Heijkenskjöld got free hands to develop Kexlegårds graphic profile containing corporate and product logo and marketing materials. Heijkenskjöld managed to interpret our mission and high ambitions, and translate this into a communicative graphic expression. Heijkenskjöld has the ability to be both percipient and independent working with clients. He is accurate and careful, but daring in his expression, stylistically pure but always visionary in his design.



"Heijkenskjöld managed to interpret our mission and high ambitions, and translate this into a communicative graphic expression."

Kexlegård is a newly established Swedish farm mainly producing hops, an old tradition that has been lost and that Kexlegård is now re-pioneering. Kexlegård is very concious about their produce and has chosen to run their farm in a transparent, respectful and sustainable way.


Kexlegård wanted a down-to-earth visual identity portraying their craftsmanship. An identity that could both target the local rural market and appeal to young professional people in the city. 


Reinventing old traditions. Just as the farm is a modern version of an old tradition, the identity is a reinterpretation of a traditional visual language. The logo is straightforward and uncomplicated as it depicts Kexlegård's main house and the iconic tree in front of it. The illustrations are inspired by old botanical drawings and the typography is clean and classic. To accentuate Kexlegårds message we made the identity transparent by litterally piercing through the labels.